One person was taken to the hospital and three pets died Saturday night after a fire in Caribou.

“Sparking from an Outlet”

The Caribou Fire & Ambulance Department said the fire started around 8:53 pm at 16 Hancock Street. “Cause is determined to be from an electrical malfunction, sparking from an outlet.”

Fire Extending Upstairs

“Crews found fire in the first floor of the building, extending upstairs.” The fire was contained to the first floor and the stairwell, said CFAD. 

One Person Hurt and Three Pets Died

One person had smoke inhalation and was taken to the hospital. Three pets died in the fire. Firefighters were on the scene for close to an hour.

Building is Uninhabitable

The Red Cross was on scene to care for other tenants in the building. The structure was deemed uninhabitable.

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