Listen, Maine has a lot of wacky names for its towns, cities, and municipalities, but this one right here may just take the cake.

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If we’re being honest, Mainers love two things more than anything: Allen’s Coffee Flavored Brandy, and making fun of folks 'from away' when they mispronounce one of our town names. Both of these will generally lead to a good time, but the latter is actually somehow more of a beloved pastime around our Pine Tree State.

Credit: Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media
Credit: Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media

There’s just something about the pride that it brings us to be able to pronounce names that others struggle to comprehend. It’s kind of sick, but it’s a power dynamic that we hold onto tightly.

Sure, when we go to other states, there are certainly places that we don’t know and won’t know how to say correctly, but that’s their fault, not ours.

Credit: Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media
Credit: Jordan Verge / Townsquare Media

While Mainers have no issue vocalizing names like 'Calais,' 'Steuben,' 'Madawaska,' 'Topsham,' 'Smyrna,' 'Damariscotta,' or even 'Bangor,' apparently our 'oddest' and 'strangest' town name isn’t even one that’s hard to pronounce.

TheFW recently put together a comprehensive list, going through every state in the United States and highlighting 'The Oddest, Strangest, and Downright Filthy Town Names In Every State.'

Our Pine Tree State’s pick was 'Burnt Porcupine,' one of the five Porcupine Islands located in Frenchman Bay east of Bar Harbor and the much larger Mount Desert Island.

Why is it called 'Burnt Porcupine?' Who knows! Maybe we’ll have to do a deep dive on why the heck it’s called that, like we did with Old Town and The Forks.

Credit: Canva
Credit: Canva

If you want to see what other wacky, odd, strange, or downright filthy town names are out there, keep scrolling!

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