It has happened recently in Blue Hill. In Bucksport. And in Hampden.

The closings are also happening around the country.

But the connection might only be coincidence and not related.

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Some say that nationally the reason that Subways are closing is the residual effect of the pandemic. Costs of most everything have skyrocketed. And it is more difficult to find workers at the level of pay they can offer.

Not to mention the increased competition in the sandwich business.

Just in the past few years there have been thousands of Subway locations across the country that have closed for good.

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The Blue Hill and Bucksport Subway closings are related.  According to the Ellsworth American, the owner of the building where the Blue Hill Subway was located said the owner is in the process of selling the franchise. Andrew K. Laslie told The American:

I’m not sure how long it will be closed but the new owner plans on doing a renovation to our Blue Hill location, so it will be a few Months.

The Subway in Hampden at 7 Western Avenue closed earlier this month.

Another factor that may well have an effect on Subway locations in Maine.

Last month Subway sold their business to a private equity firm Roark Capital. A new operator might have different ideas on how to run the company even though the locations are franchised.

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