Those  among us who do not have a lawn service, probably got out and did a cut and trim over the weekend, or after work one evening this week. I did, and discovered the weed whacker, officially called a trimmer, wasn’t working.

The charger had no lights lit, so the battery wasn’t charging and I had to order a replacement charger.

So I thought of the Kobalt kid…Owen Alley  Read his story from a few years ago here.

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Then yesterday I saw a post from his Mom about what she did while mowing.

Jennifer Delano has some advice we all can use

Don’t put money in the same pocket as your phone when u are mowing a lawn. You might take your phone out to check the time  some lessons are learned the hard way.

Jennifer Delano
Jennifer Delano

Oh man. That mower’s blades are sharp. Nice clean cuts.

Jennifer shared her advice on social media, and one of the comments she received was if the bill shows half to two thirds of it, the bank will exchange it for a new, crisp, spendable bill.

So hey, it is $20. Why not try, right?  Get out the tape.

Jennifer Delano
Jennifer Delano

She drove to her location of the Bar Harbor Bank and Trust and bingo, all is now made better.

Jennifer Delano
Jennifer Delano

The ride home from the bank must have felt good.

And more from Jennifer

The guy at the bank said that since I had 2/3 of the bill, he could give me a replacement. I've learned my lesson. Next time, I'll keep the cash in my bra

I learned something too, and maybe you have as well. No, not about stuffing a bra. If you have most of a bill, it is replaceable.

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Any last words, Jennifer?

Reminds me of the Nortorious B.I.G song...."Mo Money Mo Problems". Except for me its.... Mow money.....mow problem

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