Just a heads up to take a second look at your spare change drawers because finding this dime in Maine could land you some serious cash!

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These days, it feels like we never have enough money. However, if you find this specific dime, you're in luck! It's worth more than the 10 cents you might have originally thought.

Credit: Canva / Getty Stock
Credit: Canva / Getty Stock

But, of course, it can’t just be any old dime, right? What are we looking for specifically?

Well, according to an article from Bottom Line Inc., ‘How to Get $9,000 for a 1965 Dime,’ Scott A. Travers, who ranks as one of the most knowledgeable and influential coin dealers and advisers in the world and is also the author of seven best-selling books on coins, explains how a 1965 Roosevelt dime made of silver, instead of the intended cupronickel, could be worth thousands of dollars, all due to a mint error.

Credit: Scott A. Travers / BottomLineInc
Credit: Scott A. Travers / BottomLineInc

This error occurred when the U.S. Mint mistakenly used a silver planchet meant for 1964 dimes in some 1965 dimes. Only a few hundred such dimes are estimated to exist, making them extremely rare.

Scott A. Travers advises collectors to carefully examine their 1965 dimes for the absence of a copper-brown strip on the edge, indicating silver content. If found, the dime should be weighed and authenticated by a grading service like ‘Professional Coin Grading Service’ (PCGS) or ‘Numismatic Guaranty Company’ (NGC).

Credit: Scott A. Travers / BottomLineInc
Credit: Scott A. Travers / BottomLineInc

An example of such a dime sold for $8,912.50 at auction.

You can read more from Scott A. Travers and learn more about this extremely rare, mis-minted 1965 Dime, here.

So, it may be a good idea to check your coin jars carefully, and soon, too! You might be sitting on some unexpected money!

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