Police in one Maine community are assuring residents that George Clooney didn't really send the letters they received that are threatening to charge them money.

Why Would George Clooney Be Writing to Me?

How cool would it be to get a letter in the mail that's signed by George Clooney? Is he inviting you to his home in Italy? (wouldn't that be a Ticket to Paradise?) Maybe he took a DNA test and found out you're related. (O Brother, Where Art Thou)  It could happen....

Okay, What's the Catch?

But it didn't. The letters being received by Kittery residents are signed 'George Clooney, Senior Planner for the town of Kittery.' George, apparently, wanted to let the recipient know that they had failed to pay the town's 'short term rental registration fee.' The letter goes on to explain the legal procedures involved and threatens to fine the recipient $150.00 per day if they don't pay the fee that's owed within 30 days. Scary stuff, if you live in Kittery and believe that you could start wracking up fees like that. Somebody call Michael Clayton, because this is a Perfect Storm. Almost.

Kittery Police took to the department's Facebook page to explain that there are two things wrong with these letters.

  1. Kittery doesn't have a "short term rental registration fee"
  2. George Clooney does NOT work for the town of Kittery

It's not Up in the Air. These letters are a scam.

How Should We Handle It If We Hear From Ol' George?

Officials caution residents that they should call or stop by the Town Hall and talk to someone if they receive one of these letters. What they shouldn't do is send any money to 'George Clooney' or anyone else, just because they claim to work for the town.

Sorry about all the Clooney movie references. I'm just a fan.

Good Night and Good Luck.

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