A man from Bradford, who was reported missing after he failed to meet a friend at the Portland Jetport, has been located.

The 22 Year Old Wasn't at the Jetport When His Friend Arrived to Pick Him Up

Caleb Worster, 22, of Bradford is a black male, 5'10" tall, and 185 pounds. His family says he wasn't at the Portland Jetport when a friend arrived to drive him to Machias.

UPDATE: Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Aaron Turcotte says Caleb Worster has been located and is safe. 

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Family Members Say His Cellphone and Debit Card Hadn't Been Used in Days

Maine State Police say he was last seen at the Portland Jetport on Monday at approximately 1:30 in the afternoon. Caleb's parents posted on Facebook that he doesn't have a smartphone, so the police can't 'ping' his phone. A check of his cellphone records revealed that his phone had been turned off since around 9:30 Monday morning, and he had not used his debit card. There was also no record of Worster buying a Concord bus ticket. The hospitals and homeless shelters were checked, with no sign of Caleb.

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Again, Worster has been located and is safe. 

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