It's something that we here in Maine, and all around the country have talked about for literal decades. Why in the actual bleep have we not found a way to either make the day after the Super Bowl a federal holiday or moved the big game to a freakin' Saturday?

I mean for real, how difficult would either of those options be, especially for us northern folk who have snow days all the time anyway?

What's one more day of missing school and/or work while we recover from either staying up too late or having a couple too many frosty tots?

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Sean Murphy

Well, the push for something to give when it comes to America's most-watched sporting event, may actually be making some headway.

You see, it's being reported that a crazy number of American employees are missing work on the Monday after the Super Bowl. How many you might be wondering? A whopping 16 million people say they plan to miss work today or have already scheduled the day off, according to the Oklahoman.

Crazy. Though it doesn't reach last year's high of 18.8 million, according to the Oklahoman.

But how can Maine, and other states around the country, successfully get the Monday after the SB to be a holiday?

Well, the short answer: keep asking.

People all around the Unites States have been petitioning congressional leaders to make the Monday after a federally observed holiday. However, all of those attempts have seemingly fallen on deaf ears as nothing has changed... yet.


Though now, years into our fight for what's right, there is a new idea out there that really seems to make sense. Instead of creating an entirely new federal holiday, which Congress seems to be wary of, why not take an existing one and just bump it back a few days on the calendar?

President's Day, which falls annually on February 22, and has since 1885, could easily be moved back to fall on the Monday after the Super Bowl each year. If Congress did this, it would fix both problems without having to create a new holiday!

Oh, and it would save American workers some valuable sick time as well ;)

As far as how Maine can help make this happen? We need Janet Mills to call on Maine's congressional delegation to write this up and get it to the floor for a vote.

Come on Janet, Maine is counting on you!

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