I find the influence wielded by gangs and mobs to be truly astonishing and interesting. The history of organized crime stretches very far back. It is said that the earliest proof of street gangs goes as far back as the 1780s, according to the History of Gangs. In addition, the sense of invincibility they have seems never-ending.

We often associate gang activity with larger bordering states like California or New York, but it's also important to recognize that even in a pretty secure state like Maine, gangs are on the rise.

The authority and wealth they own leads to abuse, crime, and theft, and so many times they are able to get away with it and evade accountability. This could be due to their secrecy and thousands of members.

Surprisingly, even Maine has its share of dangerous gangs, as revealed by World Population Review. 

The top three noted are the Crips, Bloods, and Latin Kings in Maine, according to the list.

Crips, Bloods, and Latin Kings are well-known gangs that have been around for a long time with many members. Crips and Bloods originated in Los Angeles, and the Latin Kings were founded in Chicago. 

However, I found a bit more information on lesser-known gangs that have allegedly more of a large presence here in Maine, including MS 13, Maine Element, and Neta.

MS 13 is rooted in El Salvador, Honduras, and Mexico, so it's an international gang, but it has ties here in Maine. The gang has thousands of members scattered across the United States, comprised of immigrants from Central America, as justice.gov states. 

There is also buzz on reddit about MS13, stating Maine is more of a rest area for violent larger gangs. But MS13 is very dangerous.

NETA is stated as the most notorious gang in Maine, according to the Maryland Coordination and Analysis Center. NETA started in the Puerto Rican prison system before expanding its presence to the mainland United States.

"Maine Elements" is listed as one of Maine's most dangerous gangs, but I will be honest when I say that I cannot find much online about who they are, when they originated, and what they stand for.

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