One sign of spring in New England is the when the flowers finally bloom, and this year's Lilac Walk at Beaver Brook Association promises to be a delight in New Hampshire!

There is something to be said for walking among the blooming lilacs, where you can immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of nature's treasures.

The fragrance is my favorite, and once you enter, you'll be greeted by the beauty of the flowers. It's the perfect family outing that will be sure to give you memories to last a lifetime.

The pathways you'll experience will be magical. Spring is blooming in New Hampshire!
This will take place on May 6 on 117 Ridge Rd in Hollis.

The experience is a guided stroll through Beaver Brook's Shoen Meadow with two seasoned Educators/Naturalists, according to the post. 

As the event states, the history of the land will be shared with you throughout your walk, so you can discover the secrets of the lands rich history and explore all the useful things lilacs can do!

Over 7,000 people have responded to this event invite, so I would make sure to register in advance!

Price is $22 per person, and for more information, check out the event page and have a glorious time!

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