Katie Pelletier is a Carmel native and has shared her inspiring story of overcoming mental challenges to pursue physical wellness, according to WABI.

I think it's so important to share stories of determination and success, especially during the winter months in Maine when so many of us may feel a bit low.  Stories like Katie's remind us that with hard work, anything is possible, providing much-needed inspiration and motivation for all Mainers.

Katie was guided by the supportive environment at Wilcox Wellness & Fitness in Bangor, where she not only found her own strength, but also discovered her passion for helping others.

After overcoming her own mental struggles, she not only reclaimed her strength, but also made it her mission to help others navigating similar challenges. So, she became a personal trainer.

You got to fix what’s going on inside your head. There’s only so much physical work you can do.’ So, I put a lot of work into the overall wellness of myself, really worked on myself mentally. And then after that the exercise just became easier and easier.' – Katie, WABI


She shared with WABI that her journey to better health and fitness is very personal.

She is focusing on self-improvement and individual progress, echoing the philosophy that Wilcox stands by, which is, "This workout is for you. It's not for anyone else. You're not here to compete with anybody but yourself."

Wilcox Wellness & Fitness offers classes for everyone. It's a welcoming place for Mainers of all ages and fitness levels!

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