Unfortunately it's something that 'just happens'. We are a big world full of people who constantly produce garbage and that garbage has to go somewhere, right? Typically that trash ends up in some kind of landfill.

Honestly, why can't we just launch our garbage into space? I mean, we don't live there anyway, so why not just send our old shepherd's pie and dirty diapers into orbit? When kids look up to the sky, instead of just seeing passing planes and Star-Link satellites in the night sky, how cool would it be to see our own garbage floating overhead?

Plus, launching our stanky rubbish into the stratosphere would probably be good for national security. All those Glad Force-Flex bags tooting around up there would probably block spy-satellites of our foreign adversaries from being able to clearly see what we're up to. It's a win-win.

Anyway, let's get to the rotten meat and potatoes of this thing. According to the Kennebec Journal, a small Maine town of only about 1,000 people is dealing with a smelly problem. Residents say that the town smells of trash, which is coming from the landfill.

Some residents in the town of Hartland, Maine say that the smell from 'the dump' literally wakes them up in the middle of the night. Others told the Kennebec Journal that their grandkids won't come to visit when Hartland is having a 'bad smell day'.

So, what's the solution? Shut down the landfill.

However, the closure of the landfill, which would first require an expansion, is estimated to cost a whopping $8.5 million, of which the town of Hartland has about $126,000. So needless to say, it could take awhile.

One town official said he estimates that the landfill will need to operate for another 5-7 years before it can be properly closed down. That's tough news for a town that receives more than 100 complaints per year on average about the odor.

What would you do?

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