The man responsible for writing one of, if not the most, famous jingle in Maine has died.

According to an article published by the Sun Journal, an 'icon' of the Lewiston/Auburn area, was a well-renowned audio engineer who worked with countless musicians, singers and songwriters from Maine and beyond.

The Marden's jingle, albeit incredibly popular, was just a small accomplishment in a repertoire of many, according to the Sun Journal.

In the last couple of days, Ed Boucher, who passed away this week at the age of 79, is being remembered with incredibly heartwarming tributes across social media.

Val Davis, who was hired by Boucher to voice some commercials back in 1987, said about the local icon,

“Eddie was also selfless. If you had a dream, he wanted to help you figure out how to achieve it. He was a man of faith. He radiated love and people were drawn to him. He embraced all the good parts of Christianity without the judgement and dogma. He is free now and I know he will be lifting all of us up. I spoke to him about a month ago and I got to tell him I love him.” 

Melissa Anne Martin from Portland wrote on Facebook about Boucher,

“When I was 16 in the ’70s you let me do independent study at your studio. I wanted to know how to be a recording engineer. I witnessed music being made and I got acquainted on the trade before I went to recording engineering school in Ohio. One day you gave me a project of putting music to some lyrics you were given. You liked it so much, you invested in getting it recorded and Harry King produced it.” 

Ann Chouinard Brown of Leeds, chimed in on Facebook,

“You were an influencer before it was the thing to be. So many lives were touched. So many lives were changed. Your smile and kindness were infectious. Heaven gained an amazing person. Raise hell up there!” 

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