Yesterday I was enjoying the snowy day watching the classic Christmas with The Kranks, starring Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis. It's one of my favorite movies to watch during this time of year.

In a scene from the movie, carolers visit the Krank's home and start to sing, as carolers often do.

The Kranks, who previously decided to opt out of Christmas that year, hid behind their curtains. Despite their reluctance, the carolers persist and keep singing loudly, urging the neighbors to come join in as well.

So this raised the question: do carolers potentially trespass in Maine, or is there an unspoken policy when it comes to festive singers? After all, it's not common to casually approach someone's property and linger without permission, right?

Let's take a look at our Maine law and see what we can find!

According to Maine law, trespassing in Maine is defined as knowingly entering a locked place or location where a person is lawfully excluded, and that is properly posted.

If Christmas carolers are in your neighborhood and walk up to a home with a "No Trespassing" sign, they are indeed trespassing. However, if there's no sign, the situation may not qualify as trespassing unless someone comes out side with a broom yelling, "Get off my property!"

I don't know where the broom came from, but I just assumed that's what someone who wants you off their property would hold.

So with carolers, they are safe for the most part. If someone doesn't open their door, don't just stand there continuing to sing.

For those who appreciate the festive magic of carolers, what's the proper etiquette to follow?

Do You Have to Tip Carolers?

Rewards are always welcome for the carolers, but they are not mandatory.

If you feel the need or want to gift them a gratuity, you may. It's recommended that $1-$2 per person would be appropriate. If you want to give more, cocoa and cookies would always be a festive gift!

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