If you're bummed about missing out on concert tickets, there might be a way to open up more tickets for you and your friends to attend shows that are in high demand.

Hack To Get Two Tickets Together From Ticketmaster

TikTok user Ben Watkins (benwatkins864) recently shared a hack he discovered that will allow more possibilities for getting two tickets next to each other for concerts that are nearly sold out.

Ticketmaster allows users to select available seats from a seating chart on its website. In the video, Watkins shows how Ticketmaster discourages users from buying two tickets when there are only three available in a row.

When the user selects two of the three available seats they are given an error message saying you left one seat "stranded" as Watkins puts it in the video. The idea is it would likely be more difficult to sell an individual ticket than multiple tickets next to each other.

Watkins shows how to open an incognito window to reserve the third ticket without purchasing it so the other two tickets become available.

It's a sneaky workaround, but you have to be quick. A countdown clock begins as soon as you put the lone ticket in your "cart." You will need to purchase the two tickets together before the time runs out.

Here's how it's done:

How To See Any Hidden Ticketmaster Fees

Ticketmaster has made some changes to its website to show a total "all-in" price for tickets that includes any hidden fees outside the base cost.

The ticketing giant has updated its website to include an option to toggle the view to show the total price with fees as you search for tickets.

"Ticketmaster has deployed All-In Pricing so fans see the cost of a ticket including fees from the moment they start shopping," the Ticketmaster website states. "Any venue, artist or sports team can choose to display all-in pricing for their event."

The website also noted all-in pricing is a requirement in some states. New York and Tennessee have already passed laws requiring all-in pricing. It will also be a requirement for events in Connecticut starting Oct. 5.

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