Feeling old yet, millennials? If not, this news should send you spiraling: The Sun Baby from Teletubbies is all grown up and having a little sun baby of her very own IRL!

Jess Smith, who appeared as the Sun Baby in the popular children's television program between 1997 and 2001, is pregnant.

Smith, now 27, revealed the news on her Instagram account on Oct. 11, sharing images from her ultrasound.

"When two becomes three," she captioned the post, referencing her, her unborn baby and husband, Ricky Lathan.

Fans celebrated and shared their excitement in the comments section of her post.

"The Teletubbies Sun Baby is having her own sun baby," one person wrote.

"Imagine if her baby become the sun in Teletubbies too," another commented.

"Congratulations! Our Sun Baby is now having her own Sun Baby!" someone else shared.

"This post made me feel old. Congrats!" another user wrote.

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According to People, Smith was 9 months old when she was cast as the smiling Sun Baby featured at the beginning and end of each Teletubbies episode.

Smith did not reveal she had portrayed the Sun Baby until 2014, when she was a freshman in college.

Here's what Jess Smith, who played the Teletubbies Sun Baby, looks like today:

A redubbed version of the 2015 Teletubbies reboot featuring Tituss Burgess premiered on Netflix in November 2022.

The original Teletubbies ran from 1997 to 2001 and consisted of 30-minute episodes.

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