Olivia Rodrigo's Guts World Tour may be wildly successful, but some parents are not happy with it.

Since the tour kicked off, complaints from parents have risen online, claiming that the tour is inappropriate for children who grew up watching Rodrigo on Disney Channel. (Sound familiar? Miley Cyrus says hi.)

Rodrigo's outfits, performance style, merch (such as a shot glass to celebrate her 21st birthday), opening act and more have been criticized, sparking debates on social media about whether or not it's the singer's responsibility to cater to her younger fan base although she is legally an adult.

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"Controversial opinion coming your way! Not all concerts are made for your 9-year-old. And that's okay," one fan said on TikTok in response to people comparing the Guts World Tour to Taylor Swift's tamer Eras Tour.

"At the root, these are artists and they're showing us their art how they want to. We shouldn't be just assuming that all of the music that your 9-year-old likes that the artist is going to tailor their show for a 9-year-old," the fan added.

"It is less family-friendly," one person commented on the TikTok video.

"WHAT about the guts album implied that the tour would be kid-friendly??????" someone else argued.

"I think they wanted Olivia Rodrigo’s tour to be kid-friendly because she’s younger, but…she’s a mature adult," another person pointed out.

"Her opener is literally Chappell Roan what did [people] expect," someone else added.

Another fan on Twitter/X tweeted about how they find it funny to imagine parents explaining Chappell Roan's more mature lyrics to their kids after the concert.

"If you don't want your kids to see this, DON'T GO," another person agreed on Twitter/X.

Someone else echoed the same sentiment, tweeting, "Olivia Rodrigo's music is not 'underage' friendly as it is so saying she's acting inappropriate on stage for an 'underage' crowd is silly."

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