An Instagram model and social media influencer went viral after she was filmed exiting (after perhaps getting kicked off) a flight following an alleged argument with another passenger.

The viral video shows 35-year-old Morgan Osman shouting at fellow passengers as she leaves her seat in coach to de-board her plane prior to takeoff.

"Call me a b---h again, I did nothing wrong," Osman, who is wearing a skin-tight, gray bodysuit in the chaotic video, tells someone off-screen while grabbing her luggage from the overhead compartment.

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"No, you shut the f--k up," she continues, making her way down the aisle toward the plane's exit.

"Film me, I'm Instagram famous, you f---ing bum," the unbothered influencer hilariously snaps when she sees she's being recorded.

Watch below:

Speaking to TMZ after the video went viral on social media, Osman denied she was thrown off the flight and insisted she left of her own accord so she wouldn't get into a physical altercation with her seatmate following an argument with the fellow passenger.

The Bad Girls Club Season 5 star called the backlash to the viral video "unfair" as she claims she was "provoked" before her dramatic exit.

"I was just living my life. It was the lady next to me. She came in so hot," Osman said, claiming the other woman kept telling her to "get up" in a nasty tone.

"'I don’t know who you think you’re talking to but it won’t be me,'" Osman said she told the other passenger.

Osman claimed that the other woman then began to make fun of her during a FaceTime call after she finally took her seat.

"And I said [to myself], ‘Morgan, this is not the flight for you. You already missed one flight. Just get off the flight because I’m gonna knock her the f--k out,'" she explained, claiming people "whipped out their cameras" after she waved down one of the flight attendants so she could leave the plane.

"I don’t feel bad about any of it. I’ll be the crazy plane lady. I don’t care," she added of the viral moment, stressing she "didn’t get kicked out of American Airlines" and even though she "never liked American Airlines [to begin with], it wasn’t their fault."

As for the people on the plane, Osman said she "still think[s] they’re a bunch of f---ing bums."

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