A Harry Styles fan has been sentenced to jail after stalking the singer and sending him 8,000 cards in the span of just one month.

According to BBC, Myra Carvalho, 35, was sentenced to 14 weeks behind bars after pleading guilty to stalking last week.

The Brazilian native arrived in the U.K. in December 2023 and has been staying at a backpacking hostel in London, where she wrote handwritten letters and sent cards to the "Watermelon Sugar" singer.

Carvalho allegedly sent 8,000 cards in one month, including wedding cards.

Alarmingly, two of the letters were hand-delivered to Styles' address.

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Carvalho also received a restraining order that lasts for 10 years and bars her from attending any event or being at any venue where Styles is performing.

The outlet reported that Carvalho is also barred from entering the northwest area of London and has to pay a fee of about $167.

Allegedly, the woman's family was unaware that she had even traveled to the U.K. from Brazil.

This isn't the first time that Styles has been the target of a stalker.

Per The Guardian, a man once camped outside the "As It Was" singer's home for months on end in 2019.

Styles first interacted with the man when he offered him money for a hotel and food, but the man began showing up at his home and local pub up to four times a week.

He would reportedly enter the pub "anywhere between a minute and two minutes after [Styles] arrived" and made Styles feel "unsafe and uneasy."

The bizarre behavior even prompted the singer to employ night bodyguards and he also reportedly began locking his bedroom door at night.

At the time, Styles told a court of the stalker, "If I see people on multiple occasions, I view them differently than I would before."

The man was slapped with a restraining order but returned to harass Styles in 2022 when he allegedly smashed a vase on the star's property and assaulted a woman who worked for the singer, according to the U.K.'s Bracknell News.

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