Halloween decorations have never been more realistic — just ask the firefighters who were called to a home because neighbors thought the house was actually on fire!

Homeowners in Glen Falls, New York, decorated the interior and exterior of their house for all of the neighborhood to enjoy during spooky season. However, their DIY engineering was so good that firefighters were called after numerous people believed their house was actually on fire.

In reality, the realistic "fire" featured in three windows in front of their home was actually the product of two LED lights, a box fan, silver sheets and a fog machine.

On Sept. 30, the Glen Falls Local 2230 firefighters shared their thoughts about the Halloween display via a Facebook post.

"Tonight crews were dispatched to the area of Sanford St. for a report of a confirmed structure fire. To our surprise this was an amazing Halloween decoration. Thank you to the gracious owner for permission for posting. This display will be up Friday and Saturday nights for the public's entertainment until the end of the month," they wrote.

See the incredible display below:

“Our neighbors are so creative! Way to go John & Matt, it is so realistic!” one Facebook user commented.

“They were both amazing! Thank them again ... we like these calls," the fire department replied.

This isn't the only Halloween display making headlines this year.

A Georgia home's display has been deemed racist for seemingly depicting "a modern day lynching."

Meanwhile, a New Orleans homeowner received so much backlash for his blasphemous Halloween display of Jesus being decapitated by Satan that his girlfriend broke up with him.

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