When Ed Sheeran wasn't breaking ticket sales records in Chicago this past weekend, he was serving fans at one of the city's most notorious hot dog joints.

According to NBC 5, the singer showed up to famed Windy City hot dog stand The Wiener's Circle on Saturday.

The iconic hot dog establishment is known and accepted for its rude service toward customers.

NBC 5 reported Sheeran announced he would be giving away hot dogs at the counter with little advanced notice on Saturday afternoon.

The announcement caused fans to flock to The Wiener's Circle with some spilling out into the street.

The crowd erupted once they saw Sheeran arrive in the serving window of the hot dog stand.

He wasted no time throwing on a pair of plastic gloves and spreading toppings on hot dogs before sending them out to customers.

Sheeran wrapped up his shift in time to head across the city to play a sold-out show at Chicago's Soldier Field. 

According to the venue, 73,000 fans attended the show making it one of the largest concerts in Soldier Field history.

It's probably a good thing for Sheeran that the concert was well-attended by fans. Judging by a post on The Wiener Circle's Twitter, it doesn't sound like he will be getting a full-time position there anytime soon.

Sheeran was deemed "way too proper and friendly" to join the crew on a more permanent basis.

Sheeran's tour continues across the U.S. throughout August and September. He is next scheduled to perform at GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Aug. 5.

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