The pomp and circumstance of King Charles III's coronation sparked some hilarious reactions and memes on social media Saturday (May 6).

King Charles was crowned at Westminster Abbey in London, where over 2,000 royals, dignitaries and celebrities — including the likes of Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, Andrew Lloyd Weber, Emma Thompson, Adam Hill and Nick Cave — gathered to witness British history.

Even though all eyes were on King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla, Prince William and Kate's 5-year-old son Prince Louis stole the spotlight and was dubbed the "meme king" with his unenthusiastic reactions to the royal celebration, including making funny expressions, clapping and even yawning at times.

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Though 8-year-old Princess Charlotte attempted to keep her younger brother occupied, officials for the royal family told the media that the young prince would "retire" during the two-hour ceremony.

Perry, one of the performers for the official Coronation Concert, also became the subject of several memes and video clips after she seemingly couldn't find her seat inside the royal event.

The pop star later confirmed on Twitter that she did, in fact, eventually find her correct seat for the coronation.

Another coronation attendee who caught the attention of social media was a woman the internet has deemed "Sword Lady."

"Her outfit is immaculate and she's holding that sword for hours in heels, what an icon," one person tweeted.

See more hilarious social media reactions to King Charles III's coronation, below.

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