Christmas will not be cancelled in Ellsworth this year.

It was pretty cool to hear this week that the 40th annual Ellsworth Christmas Parade will be taking place this year.  As everyone is well aware, just about everything this year has either been cancelled or postponed, including Bangor's annual Festival of Lights parade.

But not in Ellsworth. Ain't no COVID-19 pandemic gonna scare Santa away.

The theme this year is "An Old Fashioned Christmas."  You just have to love it!

Way back when I used to stand on a platform in downtown Ellsworth and announce the high school bands, different organizations and holiday floats as they paraded by.  I loved doing it not only because of the lights and music but because everyone showed up for it.  People from miles around filled with holiday cheer on a Saturday morning would line both sides of Main Street to enjoy the yearly holiday happening, clapping their hands, singing holiday carols and smiling ear to ear.  So, I was worried that it wouldn't happen this year.

But it's gonna!  With a few stipulations.

There will not be anyone on foot in the parade this year, as everyone will be aboard some sort of vehicle, and everyone will be wearing a mask, which we presume will include Santa.  And, no one will be passing out candy.

Here's the tough one.  There will not be any bands.  That hurts.  Although we're sure that some of the motorized vehicles will be blaring holiday cheer of some sort.

The 2020 Ellsworth Christmas Parade will depart the Maine Coast Mall at 11 a.m. on Saturday, December 5th. It will make it way all the way down High Street to the crossroads, turn left onto Main Street and then to the bottom of the hill where it will turn right onto State.

You are encouraged to register your float HERE, as soon as possible.

Holly Jolly, everyone!

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