Looks like a real good weekend to cast a line!

This Saturday and Sunday, May 30th and 31st, is one of the two free fishing weekends here in Maine.  The state has developed these free fishing weekends with the hope that people will get outdoors and enjoy what Maine has to offer, and to turn young kids on to what is a fun and healthy outdoor sport.

Anyone can fish any of the hundreds of lakes, ponds, and rivers in Maine without a license this weekend.  If your license has been suspended or revoked for any reason, then you're out of luck.  But for anyone else, regardless of age, it's free.

Remember thought, all other laws and regulations concerning things like fishing on someone else's land and of course catch limits and lengths apply.

The weather for the weekend looks pretty good as well.  The National Weather Service tells us that Saturday should be a partly sunny day with a high of 77 degrees, with the chance of passing showers and thundershowers.  Sunday will be really nice, with mostly sunny skies and a high of 68 degrees.

So really, there is no excuse not to pile the neighborhood kids into the extended cab and head out to your favorite fishing hole this weekend.  Remember to bring along a lunch, a few drinks, and you favorite fishing craft, if you have one.  Enjoy.

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