I'll straight-out say that I think much of New England is quite neighborly. Of course I've run into a-holes, and probably been one myself.  I've definitely heard disparaging remarks made by New Englanders about outsiders or other regions of the country, and maybe I've had some judgment here and there, too, because haven't we all?

And let's be honest, we know that other regions of the country pass judgment on us, too. Still, only making two spots in an entire top 25 list for the most neighborly cities in the country?  Nope. I completely disagree, but it is what it is for the moment, so whatever.

I like to think of New Englanders and the entire Northeast as straightforward and honest, with a say-it-like-it-is mentality.  I mean, who wants fake, "bless your heart" neighbors?  You'll see where I'm going with that in a minute.

So, let's get to it with the most neighborly cities in the country, and where our two New England locales are.  According to HGTV, neighborliness rankings come from charitable giving, generosity, and well-being.  So here you go, with the cities more likely to help each other.  Maine and New Hampshire towns didn't make the list, which seems totally wrong.

City of New Haven and City of Springfield MA via Facebook
City of New Haven and City of Springfield MA via Facebook

Springfield, Massachusetts, is ranked #22 and New Haven, Connecticut, at #17 in this top 25 list of the most neighborly cities across America. That's it for New England.

Looking at this entire list, seven of the mentioned  cities are in the northeast, seven in the Midwest, and eight in the mountain and western states, so that's a nice mix.

Surprisingly, (or maybe not), when it comes to the south, there's only one.  Bless their hearts.

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