This was Maine delicacy for sure, but not one everyone enjoys it.

When we saw Thrillist had named 'The Worst Food to Eat in Every State', there were are few Maine favorites that came to mind. If you could 'eat' Moxie, we are sure that would have won. But we are also not completely surprised about Maine's worst food to eat according to this list.

Ever had tomalley? Tomalley is the green or yellow substance found in the body cavity of lobsters to help with functions in the liver and pancreas. Tomalley traditionally has been eaten alone or mixed with a sauce, soup, or as a topping.

When it comes right down to it, though, you shouldn't be eating tomalley from Maine lobsters at all, according to the Maine Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This "no consumption" guidance came after a 2008 Food and Drug Administration FDA warning of the presence of potentially dangerous toxins in tomalley from Maine lobsters.

While there is no known safety considerations when it comes to eating lobster meat, consumers are advised to refrain from eating the tomalley. The tomalley is the soft, green substance found in the body cavity of the lobster. It functions as the liver and pancreas, and test results have shown the tomalley can accumulate contaminants found in the environment.

Toxins aside, tomalley doesn't sound so bad after seeing some of the other foods on the list for other states like Mississippi where they eat pickles soaked in Koolaid? We don't even want to know what a 'Garbage Plate' in New York is. Here is the full list.

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