What's that you say? You knew the answer to our Impossible Question, but someone beat you to it?

Well, here's your second chance, and it could win you an Echo Dot. Just make sure you have our app on your mobile device.

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You know all about our Impossible Question. You listen to the Z Morning Show! Each day, we ask our question at about 8:20 a.m. Lots of people call in and we have lots of fun with it.

Now, even if you lose, you can win! Once you know that day's answer, just tap the IQ2 button on the app and enter the answer there. At the end of each week, one random person will win an Echo Dot. The more answers you know, the better your chances.

You know you can listen to the Z anytime you want, just by asking Alexa. She's wicked smart.  Plus, now that you have our app, you can listen to us there, too.

Wow. Is there anywhere you can't listen to us? The answer is probably, but you wouldn't want to go there. It would be a terrible place.

Have fun, everyone. Thanks for listening!

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