Arctic Cold Front in New England

If you live in New England then you already know the insane conditions we have been experiencing for the last week.

Temperatures well below freezing have been haunting us, turning daily activities into dangerous chores where you shouldn’t even leave your house if you don’t need to.

This arctic cold front isn’t just unbearably freezing but it’s also genuinely dangerous.

While we have been trying to survive temperatures ranging from 0 to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, New Hampshire broke a world record for the coldest recorded temperature in human history.

Mount Washington in New Hampshire Breaks World Record for Coldest Temperature

Before the arctic blast hit in its full force, Mount Washington was projected to see -110 degree windchills from air coming from Canada. The cold temperatures are one thing but what added an insane element was the projection of 130 mph winds.

These predictions came to fruition and Mount Washington just recorded its record-breaking temperatures, breaking a world record for the coldest temperature to ever be recorded in history.

Peter Forister posted a chilling video on Twitter showcasing the stratospheric winds that pounded the Mount Washington Observatory at the summit.

This video was recorded on Feb. 3 between 2:30 - 2:40 p.m.

Another video was posted Intel Point Alert showing wind chills reaching -104 degrees at the mountain’s summit.

These conditions are said to cause frostbite within a minute of exposure, showing just how intense this type of cold is.

This is not the type of weather humans are made to live through and the videos are creepy just looking at the conditions at the summit. Even if it were safe to experience it, can you imagine being up there in 140 mph winds?!

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