It's moments like this that make you hold your breath. And I'm wagering, if you're the praying type, you probably send a couple of those up high, too.

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These are the things we don't get to see often, but they happen all the time. Thankfully, we have some exceptional members of law enforcement working hard to make sure everyone is safe.

Today, thanks to the efforts of many, including one amazing State Trooper, a Vassalboro man is safe and "found", and getting the help he needs.

Trooper Rescue, Maine State Police
Trooper Rescue, Maine State Police

Maine State Police reported that in the early morning hours Wednesday, as wet winter weather started to hit our state, they received a call about an elderly man with Alzheimer’s who had wandered away from his home in Vassalboro.

"Troopers were able to gather intelligence information from a town plow truck driver that saw a man walking in the area in the early morning hours during the storm...The man, 82-year-old Bernard Perry was suffering from severe hypothermia and frostbite. Trooper Harrington carried Perry to his cruiser as he was unable to walk and awaited the arrival of an ambulance. Perry was transported to Maine General Hospital in Augusta where he is recovering from his injuries."

Incredibly, this moment was caught on camera, and the Maine State Police shared it.

Because of the hard-working men and women in uniform, a family still has their loved one this Christmas.

Maine Department of Public Safety Spokeswoman, Shannon Moss, said:

"We are grateful Bernard Perry was found in a timely manner and is recuperating. We are also thankful for Trooper Harrington, Maine State Police Troopers, and all Law Enforcement Officers in Maine who do an extraordinary job protecting the citizens of Maine and all those who visit our great state.

The family of Bernard Perry has given their blessing for us to share the video which you can view on our website… web or YouTube."

Thanks to all who wear the badge, and work in our state to keep us safe. May you stay safe in the process. Happy Holidays!

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