Every weekday at 8:10 on the Z Morning Show, we give you a chance to win a Sea Dog Brewing Company gift , with the "Impossible Question". If you happen to miss a day, we always post the whole week's worth of questions every Friday morning.

With Kid on vacation this week, it was an honor to pick the questions that had the listeners wracking their brains this week but none of the questions I selected were able to stump our super smart audience.

Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you to everyone who called in and guessed.

Here are this weeks' questions and answers.  Enjoy!

Monday, September 3rd

No question

Tuesday, September 4th

Question: According to a new study, one out of 50 people say that they have fallen in love with someone they randomly met here.  Met where?

Answer: On an airplane

Wednesday, September 5th

Question: At some point in their lives, 44% of Americans will wear these.  Wear what?

Answer: Handcuffs

Thursday, September 6th

Question: 38% of women like men who have this.

Answer: Red hair

Friday, September 7th

Question: 33 percent of us have had this stolen while at work.  What is it?

Answer: An idea

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