If you want to go local with your pick of bird for your Thanksgiving feast, you might be out of luck... unless you act now.

WVII ABC 7 reports that local turkey producers in Maine are already selling out quickly of their incoming inventory with local grocers in the state. If you want to get a local turkey, you need to make a call and reserve your turkey now, even though November isn't even here and we are several weeks out.

Maine Turkey Producers

Harris Turkey Farm of West Newfield posted on their website that they are already sold out of turkeys for the season.

Pine Tree Poultry sells turkeys at their farm in New Sharon and has products available all over coastal and southern Maine. You could pick up a turkey at their farm or at locations in Portland or Brunswick.

Another producer is Tide Mill Organic Farm based out of Edmunds. Turkeys can be picked up on their farm but, again, you gotta order early in order to get in on a locally made turkey. If you don't want to make the trek to the Eastern edge of Maine, their turkeys are available in 14 smaller grocers across coastal and southern Maine, from Portland to Brewer. 

Nationwide Turkey Producer Problems

Consumer Reports states that there is no concern on whether there will be enough turkeys to go around this year. Earlier this year, Shady Brook Farms a major turkey producer nationwide had speculated of turkey shortages come November. Consumer Reports writes on October 6th that this will not be an issue. However, what may be the issue is transportation and delivery of the birds to eventually end up on your table.

When it comes to bigger distributors, you may have a hard time finding a smaller turkey, that is, 16 pounds or less, in particular. Last year, Consumer Reports states that these smaller turkeys actually sold out due to high demand for a less expensive, smaller bird.

Issues No Matter What Buying Local or Going National WIth Your Bird This Year

This year, if you go local, act now. If you plan on going with a national brand of turkey, plan on getting your turkey when it's more convenient but expect to pay more for it due to labor shortages and supply chain problems.

It is, after all, 2020 2.0.

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