Saturday afternoon, former Vice President Joe Biden was declared the President-elect.

I don't want to stir up the strong feelings if you hate Joe Biden. I just want to tell you what happened after.

For a lot of us, it was a sigh of relief. An out loud sigh of relief.

Immediately after the announcement people started pouring into the streets of Portland and all across the country to celebrate. This continued well into the night. That's when I got swept up in it.

I was out picking up some Chinese food take-out from Empire Kitchen on Congress Street in Portland. All of a sudden, people were honking and going very slowly. Holy cow - I was in a spontaneous parade!


I have to say, I was swept up in the pure joy of the moment. And yes, it was joyful for me. I know this would not have been joyful for everyone (half of the voters) - but everyone was smiling and...well, happy.


I had even forgotten that it was taking forever to get my Chinese take-out. I just kept looking around at all the happiness.


And yes, there were a couple of snarky signs...but this one made me giggle. Only because the term 'cheeks clapped' is used a lot in our house! Our house has 7th graders...


If this was your cup of tea, it was amazing. I'm sure if it wasn't your cup of tea - it was annoying. For a few moments Saturday night, it felt amazing...

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