Is it just me or does the Christmas season start earlier and earlier each year? As a kid, I don't remember people putting up their Christmas decorations at least until after Thanksgiving. We had one neighbor on our street growing up that put their tree up on Thanksgiving Day and all the neighborhood kids thought that was crazy.

Today though, people can't seem to get enough of Christmas. Christmas music starts playing on the radio before Thanksgiving, Hallmark starts showing bad, cheese-filled Christmas movies in October and the stores are all decked out with Christmas Decorations before the Halloween candy has been eaten. What's happened to the world?

In an effort to find out if I'm alone in thinking that getting into the Christmas season before the Thanksgiving turkey has been put in the oven, I took a very unscientific poll on my Facebook page and simply asked a yes or no question:  Is putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving too early?

With 316 responses, the results were close, but there was a clear winner.

Is putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving too early?

No:  55%

Yes: 45%

I'd like to say this 55% are named Griswold, but even Clark waited until there was snow on the ground before he put up his insane amount of Christmas lights.

Hallelujah, holy s---! Where's the Tylenol?

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