For Throwback Thursday, do you remember this story about a moose who walked into a pizza place?

It's been almost 3 years since a hungry young moose found its way into a pizza parlor on Main Street. Was the moose hungry for some cheesy goodness? Maybe he had some midnight munchies, craving pepperoni, and sausage. Or perhaps the animal just got lost and thought something inside the store looked interesting.

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Whatever the reason, the moose was spotted by Matt Poole of the Penobscot County Sheriff's Office, walking out through the eatery's drive-up window. Wait. They don't have a drive-up window? They did after this incident. Poole posted the picture and it was shared by the Dover-Foxcroft Police Department. Can you imagine? You hear about a disturbance downtown and find a moose casually walking out the window of a restaurant.

Bullwinkle didn't get a pie, since the pizza place was closed, but he did manage to get away before the cops could slap the cuffs on him. (Do you suppose they make handcuffs big enough to fit?) All in all, it was for the best. He probably wouldn't fit in the cruiser. Not such a happy ending for the building's owner, however, who had to replace that window. Hopefully, Mr. Moose didn't leave any presents behind inside the building. If he did, I hope someone called the lady at TirdyWorks. She could make a nice pair of earrings out of it.

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