Year after year as we venture out to do our Christmas shopping The Salvation Army sends out their Angel Trees. Each tree features tags representing a local child in need with their gender, age, and something they'd like for Christmas.

This year The Salvation Army has set up a virtual Angel Tree program with the help of Walmart in an effort to keep those who want to help as safe as possible during the pandemic.

Walmart has essentially set up a wish list or registry with the Christmas wishes of local kids. You can browse the items, add them to your cart and checkout like you would with any online shopping transaction. Only instead of buying yourself a new sweater, you're helping a local child have a memorable Christmas.

I've always enjoyed buying for kids who remind me of myself. While scrolling the registries a few items stood out to me, first, a Baby Yoda toy (and yes, I know technically it's The Child), and then there was shampoo and conditioner for curly hair, something I know a lot about now as an adult, as a kid? Not so much. Love legos? Add them to your cart. Maybe you have a kid who has a similar taste in toys to something you see on the registries. You could be buying for their classmate and not even realize it.

There are multiple Maine Salvation Army locations and registries to choose from:

For all the details and to pick your registry click here.

While I don't have my own children I do have a young niece and nephew and having them around and watching them opening presents is a gift in itself. And it's so fun to shop for them and to see all the fun toys and the things that make them light up. If everyone who clicked on this article bought just one gift, I see that as an opportunity to create more light. Isn't that what the world needs right now, more light?

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