Hey, they're going to be in custom anyway, so why not?

We've recently heard from Holden Police Chief Chris Greeley, and he let us in on a little secret.  No, it's not where the next speed trap is going to be set up on Route 1A, but what one of the most community minded police departments in the state will be doing this Halloween.

With the COVID-19 pandemic in mind (it's hard to forget about it), the Chief and his patrolmen thought that they would make this Halloween a little special for the kids in Holden who may be limited and not get a chance to go door to door.

Here's the gig.

Just give the Holden Police Department a call at 843-5442, and set it up.  Then, on Halloween an officer from the department will personally deliver a bag of treats!

Pretty cool, huh?  Very.

It doesn't cost anything and you don't have to make a donation of any sort.  It's just something that Chief Greeley and the guys want to do for the community.

"We’re hoping they just have fun with it. We’re hoping to bring some smiles to some faces and you know and maybe if those kids can’t get out or if they’re trick or treating is limited that us arriving with a little bit of candy will be fun for them”, the Chief tells WABI TV5.

Kudos to everyone involved in pulling off this totally cool and novel idea!  Well done.

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