A unique turnkey property in Searsport is for sale. It even comes with guests that never check out.

The Homeport Inn in Searsport has been on the market for years now. The historic bed and breakfast, located off Route 1, was built in 1865. The building features 12 rooms, 11 1/2 bathrooms, and a full restaurant and bar. The property also comes with two separate apartments, 1 one bedroom, 1 two bedroom, and public access to the ocean. Another feature of the over 10,000 square-foot building is the ghostly inhabitants.

SVN The Masiello Group

According to a 2017 article from Bangor Daily News, co-owner Anita McLellan first heard reports of the location being haunted the first summer of her family owning the property. She says a guest from England liked to stay at the inn because of the ghosts. McLellan experienced weird moments when her dog would continuously wake up at 2 a.m. and growl and bark at something unseen in the darkness. She adds, the alleged haunting of the Homeport is not the reason her family is selling the property.

The Homeport Inn is listed by SVN The Masiello Group for $779,000.

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Searsport is home to another reportedly haunted inn, that's coincidently across the street from the Homeport. The Carriage House Inn is a 1874 Victorian sea captain’s mansion. It was once owned by the famous painter Waldo Peirce. His studio, and art,  are still within the inn.

The Carriage House Inn is listed on the National Haunted Bed and Breakfast registry. It was visited by local paranormal investigators over the years it was open as an inn. Nowadays you can rent this mansion on Airbnb. Note, there is a 3-night stay minimum.

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