My least favorite part of pretty much any given year, is the week before Christmas and New Years. It feels like the longest week of the year. You're still dealing with post-Christmas depression, and trying to rally up the courage to ring in the New Year. Granted, everyone wants to kiss 2020 goodbye, so maybe not so much right now.

But the only other thing I feel like I might hate a little worse, is taking down the Christmas tree. When it became a thing in the middle of the pandemic, I tried to get my wife to put the tree back up in like, April. We also have a fake tree. I love the look, smell, and sight of a real tree, but I'm also lazy AF.

The cleanup is brutal every time. I know you know exactly what I'm talking about. Once the tree comes down, it's a needle/quill explosion throughout the entire house. Why? Because no matter how careful you are, most of us kinda stop watering it as much by the time Christmas is over, and the tree dries right out.

And that is when the tree is at it's most dangerous. Sure, the lights could spark a fire, or too near a heat source. But according to WABI - TV5, fire officials also warn against leaving it on your porch, or leaning against the house. Again, they're so dry, if a cigarette got flicked into it, or blew into it by accident, WHOOSH!

Bangor Assistant Fire Chief Chandler Corriveau said this:

Christmas trees dry out you want to keep those away from your house you can check with your local public works department or transfer station usually they have a place where you can get rid of your Christmas tree there.

There's also goat farms that love old trees. I've seen people save them for controlled bonfires later on. Or, just take it to the dump. Heck, some towns even come and pick them up if you just leave them by the side of the road. At any rate, just be safe. No one wants to read about your house burning down. Especially this time of year.

And in case you wondered how fast a dry Christmas tree will go up, check out this video:

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