The temperatures are warming up and after a looooooong cold winter, we are thinking about fun in the sun! We are also thinking about life after lockdown, masking up, and COVID hindrances, which could mean letting loose and making plans to visit one of New England's great amusement and water parks.

Opening dates for fun in New England

So, when can we hit the road and have some fun? Some of these New England amusement parks have us waiting until Memorial Day Weekend to get our thrills during the nice weather while others aren't waiting any longer and are open now.

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The perks of amusement parks now

At this point in the season, it might be a bit chilly for some to head out to an amusement park so, the parks might not be so full.  Additionally, the kids are still in school and families are saving their vacation time when the kids are on school vacation. While some can not benefit from a quieter park right now, others can.

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If fewer people at the park is a benefit, you might want to see what's going on now for those parks that are open before Memorial Day. One park, in particular, will be open this weekend and will be providing deep one-day admission discounts for most of May.

Even after Memorial Day and before mid-June, you can probably still get in on a quieter park but, don't wait too long into June because school vacation will be beginning before too long.

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