The storm that arrived Monday night and lasted through much of the day Tuesday brought with a a big swing in snowfall totals. The foothills of Maine got dumped on while the coast saw all rain with varying amounts of snow between the two points.

The National Weather Service has a list of snowfall totals reported around Maine and the jackpot is up in Bethel wish 9 inches as of 6:42 this morning. Nearby Sunday River Ski Resort is reporting 16 inches of new snow today so it's likely a lot more than 9 inches is on the ground down off the mountain by now.

Portland got away with just an inch and a half of snow and most of that melted away once the heavy rain and winds took over. Auburn was right in the middle with snowfall after not knowing if they would be getting rain or snow.

Here's a list of some towns around the state, how much snow they got and and what time it was recorded today. The National Weather Service in Gray will update this list periodically, so check it for the latest totals and for more cities and towns not listed here.
Auburn 5.5 1011 AM
Bath 2.0 700 AM
Bethel 9.0 642 AM
Bridgton 6.5 800 AM
Cornish 8.0 823 AM
Gorham 3.9 904 AM
Gray 7.9 947 AM
Hollis 3.5 539 AM
Lewiston 5.3 1001 AM
Lisbon 3.8 736 AM
Livermore Falls 5.0 700 AM
Mechanic Falls 4.5 516 AM
Norway 6.5 1023 AM
Portland 1.5 700 AM
Sanford 2.0 544 AM

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