Kmart has been gone from Bangor since April 2017.

That was when The Quirk family’s real estate company QV Realty Trust bought the Kmart building and property.

At the time the report was that the site was bought for future development.

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Since then, the Kmart store has been vacant, and since the Bazaar Market left the building Damon’s has relocated to the Hogan Road location.

And in the almost six years since the purchase lots of guesses and speculation about what was going to end up at that locale.

Some said one of the Quirk Auto Group dealerships would move there. Lots of retail watchers also speculated different stores would be what they expected in that space.

Yesterday in the comments section on the story about the roof being set up for solar panels, some talked about the hope that either Trader Joe’s would move in there, and others wished for Ames to return to Maine. Others actually stated what is indeed up.

Here is what is going into the Old Kmart Building

Nothing new. At least for now.

However many assume that the Old Kmart is now an empty building.

Actually, it is not.

Quietly and without any fanfare the Quirk Auto Group has been using the building, but not for anything retail.

Current and former employees of Quirk confirm that the building is now being used for automobile parts storage.

Makes sense. They have a dozen dealerships in Bangor. That is a lot of service bays.

Not the retail store that many wished for, but on a good note the building is being utilized and soon will have its own solar power supply on the roof.

Time to scout out other locations for Trader Joe’s, Ames, and the other businesses folks wish were in Bangor.

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