Thank you to everyone who submitted to be a part of Z107.3's 'Z My Valentine' contest!

We got great submissions from our listeners and wish everybody could have won the incredible prize package that we had which included:

  • Massage, facial and pedicures at Marilyn Monroe Spa on Broadway in Bangor,
  • $100 for a nice, romantic dinner at Sea Dog Brewing Co. in Bangor
  • Two (2) tickets to the July 30 Goo Goo Dolls/Train show on the Bangor waterfront

A huge congratulations goes out to Barbara Blake-Chapman of Brooksville who was our Grand Prize winner.  Barbara really pushed her submission to her Facebook friends to garner her nearly 25% of the votes.

Here's what she wrote to us about why she deserved the prize package:

Rod needs a massage. Period. And a night out with no kids, no worries, no nothing. The past two years haven't been great. I had some scary heart stuff going on which required me to see a Dr in Boston, I had a couple changes in jobs, he herniated a disc in his back, we've had things go up and down in our lives and so on. But through it all he's been the rock. The one who will bust it out and get it done so that it gets done, sometimes with some prodding as well, but regardless he gets it done. Things have gotten better in our lives and settled and we're both able to be active in our lives giving back as well. He's a member of the Gov Brooks Lodge and also helps out whatever way he can with the annual Jared Grindle Youth Scholarship softball tournament and functions at the Brooksville Community Center as well. If someone asked him to help he's usually asking when do you need me an d what can I do.

I couldn't ask for a better mate in life. We're not perfect, we cuss, we argue, and what not but he so deserves something good in life. Thank you!

Our runners up who received a pair of tickets to the July 30th Goo Goo Dolls/ Train show from Waterfront Concerts at the Darlings Waterfront Pavilion were Deborah Whitman of Hermon and Gary Merchant Jr. of Corinna.

Thank you, again, to everybody who submitted and look out for more contests to come from Z107.3!

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