I have taken our state for granted for the majority of my life.

Having grown up in Maine in a small town, I always felt like I needed something more, something new.

I traveled to different parts of the world, lived in different cities, and still made it back to Maine to call it home.

I thought I wanted the major city life until I lived it; I thought I could live away from the ocean until I missed it.

It took me leaving our state to realize everything it has to offer, which is pretty much everything.

I hadn't realized that the things I had been wanting and searching for, the experiences I wanted to have, I could have all here in Maine.

One of the things I cherish most about our state is its natural beauty and diverse landscapes. You could drive for a mere two hours and experience the wooded pines, rocky coast, sea breeze, vast farmland, still lakes, and mountain peaks in the distance.

The beauty of Maine is something I never truly appreciated until I got older. We are blessed to live in a state with historic buildings, islands off the coast, and so much charm, character, history, and nature.

There is constantly so much to explore and experience, do and see, and all within the same state lines.

In the summers I get to hike our endless trails, paddle our rivers, and have a beer on the lake. In the winters I get to ski down our mountains, drive by fields covered in untouched snow, and fall in love with my state every single day.

A post on Facebook asked Mainers, "what are the most beautiful things in Maine?" and comments and pictures flooded in. I've shared what I love about our state but here's a list of what Mainers say are their favorite parts about Vacationland:

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These are the things Mainers say are their favorite parts of Vacationland.

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