UPDATE: Police have identified the suspect as John Williams of Madison. He is still at large. The victim has been identified at Corporal Eugene Cole >>STORY>>

Police have converged on the Cumberland Farms convenience store in Norridgewock this morning, including a crisis negotiation team.

A Somerset County sheriff's has been shot and killed at the scene. The FBI is helping with the investigation.

The initial call came in as a robbery at the store off Waterville Road, but early this morning police holding rifles could be seen around the store. Only police vehicles were being allowed through downtown Norridgewock, at last report. State police and sheriff's deputies are on the scene, with the crisis negotiation team set up on Upper Main Street.  A portion of Route 2 has been shut down while police deal with the situation.

SAD 54 has closed the Millstream school as a precaution. All AOS 92 schools are on lockout.

We'll update this story as more details become available. 

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