The State of Hawaii may seem half a world away, but there are rules to abide even if you are from Bangor, Maine during the novel coronavirus pandemic.

WABI TV 5, with help from a sister station is Hawaii, is reporting a man from Bangor was arrested and jailed in Hawaii last week for failing to follow ordered self-quarantining during the mandated 14-day period upon arrival to the island state.

Sean Michael Simon, 38, was reported to authorities by a hotel manager when the Bangor resident was noticed continually leaving the hotel.

The police are reporting Simon went to the beach and shops several times daily throughout stay which consisted of a total of nine days.

Simon has since returned back to Maine and spent the weekend in jail.

Here is a statement from the Hawaii Attorney General's Office:

"Department of the Attorney General:

"Quarantine Violator Jailed in Honolulu

Last Friday, the general manager of a Waikīkī area hotel reported a guest violating the mandatory 14-day traveler quarantine. Special Agents from the AG's Investigations Division subsequently arrested 38-year-old Sean Michael Simon of Bangor, Maine. They report he arrived in Hawai'i on June 10 and hotel video footage captured him leaving the hotel on two separate days. He admitted going to the beach and to shops multiple times, every day. His bail was set at $2,000 and he spent the weekend in jail before his arraignment this morning. Simon pleaded out and was immediately taken to the airport with a one-way ticket back to Maine, paid for by the Visitor Aloha Society of Hawai'i."

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