I won't lie, there are some days where I am in almost a state of auto-pilot by the time I get to the 2:30 "pick the kids up from school" run.

Not that I would ever try it, but I'm pretty sure I could drive that route blindfolded at this point in the year.

And since it's become such a routine, it really takes something out of the ordinary to get capture my attention, and in this case, my imagination.

Cedar St. Lawn Art, Cori Skall

That's what happened on today's pick-up run. I had just collected kid #1, my son, from the middle school down on 5th Street, when we turned up Cedar St., as we do every weekday.

As we came upon the corner of West Broadway, the huge, typically vacant side yard that's off to the right was not so vacant today. Instead, it was filled with enormous and interesting sculptures!

Cedar St. Lawn Art, Cori Skall

I pulled over to the side of the road, to get a better look and some pictures, of course.

They range in style from the very industrial...

Cedar St. Lawn Art, Cori Skall

...to almost whimsical...

Cedar St. Lawn Art, Cori Skall

...to perhaps even symbolic?

Cedar St. Lawn Art, Cori Skall

I have no idea what they're doing there, who put them together, or what the inspiration for such impressive art would be. But I am grateful to have been awoken from the haze of the afternoon by these unusual inhabitants of this Cedar St. Lawn.

If anyone does know the story behind them, be sure to share!

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