Here is where they are coming from!

Logan Tripp via Bangor Rocks Facebook
Logan Tripp via Bangor Rocks Facebook

In order to build community spirit and add an exciting activity to Bangor and beyond a Facebook group was created called Bangor Rocks. This page is where you can post photos of rocks you have painted or found.

You can also post photos with hints as to where to find your hidden rock. The Facebook group reccomends you write on the back of your rocks, something like the purpose of the rock or the name of the Facebook group. The group currently has just under 800 members and is growing fast.

Members of the page have said things like "I feel like a kid again hiding rocks and giggling" or posted photos of them and their children searching the city for painted rocks.

You never know where you are going to find them! So far members have posted photos of rocks found at Cascade Park, Chapin Park, Home Depot, The Bangor Waterfront, Norumbega Walkway, and even in Bangor's sister city, Brewer.

Visit the Bangor Rocks Facebook page here to get more information, or inspiration for painting your own rocks!

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