Every week we feature a new hometown and share photos and facts using hashtags on social media. This week our #hashtag hometown is Milo!

Named after a greek athlete, Milo of Croton, Milo is a very homey- hometown. With about 2,300 people living in the town it's somewhat surprising that everyone seems to know everyone! Milo is also home of the annual Black Fly Festival!

The town was once a hub for The Bangor and Piscataquis Railroad in 1868–1869 and was also a busy mill town. With 3 rivers running through the town water power was a huge asset. Milo includes Derby or 'The Junction' where the rivers all come together.

Milo has also had its share of dark days including the first and only daylight parade of the KKK in 1923 and arson fire that destroyed numerous historic buildings in 2008. There is also a legend that Milo is where the Devil goes to hide in the winter. 

Here are some awesome photos of Milo we found on Instagram:

Let us know what you love about Milo!

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