Every week we feature a new hometown and share photos and facts using hashtags on social media. This week our #hashtag hometown is Island Falls!

With two large, beautiful bodies of water it is easy to see why Island Falls has been called one of the most beautiful places to visit in Aroostook County. Around 800 people call the town home year round, but many more visit for recreation. Island Falls is unique as it is one of the few places in the state that receives tourists year round!

The town is home to places like Vacationland Estates Resort and Birch Point, places to get away and have fun doing things like fishing, snowmobiling, swimming, camping, boating, and Birch Point even has a basement bowling alley!

Island Falls is also home to a lot of history including Bible Point, a place recognized by the State as a historic site due to the significance it once had to a young Teddy Roosevelt in the 1800's.

Here are some great photos we found of the town on Instagram:

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