Taylor Swift is going public with her One Direction paramour, Harry Styles.

Really public.

The quasicouple were finally photographed together in Central Park in New York City this weekend, taking a stroll with Styles' hairdresser, her husband, and their 15-month-old daughter.

The photos are the first semi-confirmation of the Swift's next breakup album in the making, but they don't actually reveal much, except that T-Swizzle looks like she really wants to steal a baby.

The new couple looks at one another a bit, but aren't affectionate at all. In fact, Hazza can barely keep a straight face in the shots, which are so perfectly angled, lit and seemingly posed that it almost appears to be a PR plant.

In fact, the couple's entire courtship seems groomed for a publicist's wet dream: First comes rumors of a flirtation following a necklace exchange, next comes Mario Lopez flapping his gums about an 'X Factor' set visit that only he witnessed, then comes, apparently, the baby in the baby carriage. Oh, and death threats.

And if we know Taylor Swift, maybe an eventual restraining order. Just saying.

Taylor Swift Harry Styles
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